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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC travel arrangements to Europe, South and Central America, Asia, Middle East, and the US, including tour programs, hotel accommodations, transportation services, excursions, and any other services provided to the client, other than cruises. By and purchasing travel with DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC, the TRAVELER and TRAVELER’S AGENCY accepts all terms and conditions herein.

Rates are based on land only services, and do not include U.S. domestic airfare or international airfare (unless otherwise stated) to or from the U.S. Land-only rates are guaranteed upon receipt of deposit (see payment schedule below). Printed rates found on our website or promotional materials are subject to change without notice.

The TRAVELER or TRAVELER’S AGENCY (herein referred to as AGENCY) has agreed to pay the applicable RATES provided by DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC TOURS, INC. (herein referred to as DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC) providing the opportunity for the TRAVELER or AGENCY to purchase travel services from DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC, inclusive of all inclusions set forth to the TRAVELER/AGENT at the time of confirmation. A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT (per person) is due in order to confirm travel packages. Hotel only reservations require 100% payment at the time of confirmation. Flight bookings also require 100% payment at time of service.

Money order, check, or PayPal is an acceptable form of payment. Credit Card Payments are to be made via email with PayPal.

Four travel packages, the remainder of the payment is due 60 calendar days prior to the date that the TRAVELER is scheduled to begin TRAVEL SERVICES. If payment for full invoiced amount is not received on or before the due date, the TRAVELER’s services may be cancelled. In cases where a booking is made last minute i.e. within 60 days of the tour start date, the full quoted amount will be payable at the time of booking. Check will not be accepted as a form of payment prior to the departure date.

DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC will accept the following credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, AND DISCOVER as a valid form of payment for booking. DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC reserves the right to modify this policy based on booking agency status and prior to credit approval.

DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject an individual at any time prior to departure, or to cancel the TOUR in which a TRAVELER is scheduled to participate. In the unlikely event of such a cancellation by DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC, or if a TRAVELER has been rejected, the total amount paid to DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC will be refunded, unless the cancellation is due to non-payment of the total invoiced amount by the payment due date or is due to governmental action beyond DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC’s control, in which case the amount refunded will be reduced to the extent DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC has incurred expenses in organizing the travel arrangements. Other than such a refund, DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC will not be responsible to a TRAVELER or AGENCY for any other refund, costs, interest, liability or damages of any kind, including but not limited to airline tickets, visas, pre or post night accommodations, etc.

If TRAVELER cancels for any reason, he or she or his AGENCY must notify DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC in writing. The cancellation will be effective upon DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC’s receipt of the written notification by email. DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC incurs substantial administrative and planning costs prior to the departure of TRAVELER. Therefore,
regrettably, if TRAVELER cancels his or her participation in the TRAVEL SERVICES, funds paid by TRAVELER to DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC can be refunded only as set forth below.

If cancellation and payment policies differ for any reason from those listed below for specific travel packages or travel services, the traveler will be notified prior to confirmation of services.

For Travel Programs:

If TRAVELER cancels 31 days or more before TRAVEL start date, TRAVELER may apply the deposit to another TRAVEL date to be scheduled to depart within 365 days of the original scheduled start date, subject to space availability, minus a $50 change fee. The deposit cannot be applied to another TRAVEL SERVICE if cancellation is received 30 days or less before TOUR start date. Re-bookings on new travel dates are subject to new pricing at the time of the request.
If the cancellation is effective and a re-booking is not requested, the following penalties will apply:

  • 90 days or more prior to travel you will receive 100% refundable excluding the non-refundable deposit plus the air (if any).
  • 89-50 days prior to travel you will receive 50% refund excluding the non-fundable deposit plus the air (if any).
  • 49 days or less prior to travel you will receive no refund.

No refunds will be made for unused portions of the TOUR for any reason. Please confirm your cancellation in writing via email. Verbal agreements will not be considered binding.

For flights booked through DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC, the following applies:

Change Rules:

Changes (travel dates): All Changes will incur an administrative fee from the airline and agency in addition to the fare change, when allowed.

Changes (name): All tickets are NONTRANSFERABLE. All Changes will incur an administrative fee from the airline and agency in addition to the fare change when allowed.

Cancel / Refund: Not allowed. Flight Rules and Restrictions

DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC Tours Inc advises all passengers to ensure to have all travel documents including Passports, and required visas issued and presented at the time of travel.

DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC Tours Inc advises all passengers to review tickets and itinerary upon receipt. All times shown in the itinerary are local times.

All passengers are recommended to be present at the airport 3 hours prior to departure for international departures, and 2 prior to domestic travel.

All International flights must be confirmed 72 hours prior to departure. All tickets returned for refund or reissue in addition to any applicable airline charges.

DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC Tours Inc does not assume responsibility for and will not compensate passengers for travel interruptions caused by matters beyond our control including those caused by Acts of God and Nature, overbooking and or changes made by carriers/hotels/car rental companies/tour operators, etc.

Please make a note of your confirmation number or print the itinerary/email for your records. This serves as a confirmation of your booking request.

The TRAVELER is solely responsible for any airfare or other travel fees, charges, expenses or penalties that might result from any cancellation of or change in the TRAVELER’s TOUR, whether the TRAVELER cancels the TOUR or it is cancelled or altered by DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC.

It is very important that a TRAVELER/AGENCY understands the cancellation policy. If it is not clear, the TRAVELER should ask for clarification. Please note that some hotels may have different cancellation penalties than those listed herein; if this should arise those cancellation penalties will be communicated to the TRAVELER/AGENCY at time of booking. DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC cannot make exceptions to this cancellation policy for any reason, including medical emergencies.

Hotel-Only Reservations

Hotel-only reservations may be subject to different payment and cancellation policies and such policies will be disclosed to the TRAVELER prior to confirmation of services. The TRAVELER adheres to these new cancellation policies and payment terms when paying for such services.

Changes to type of TOUR or start date by TRAVELER or AGENCY are considered a cancellation and are subject to the Cancellation and Refund policy found herein. TRAVELER changes may be subject to additional airline, TOUR or hotel fees should the original rates no longer be available for the revised travel dates.

The TRAVELER is required to have a passport valid for six months after the return from their TOUR and it is TRAVELERS responsibility to obtain the required visas if applicable. TRAVELERS holding a passport from a foreign country, green card, U.S. visa, or special-use passport are solely responsible for understanding the limitations imposed on their passport, green card, U.S. visa, or special-use passport regarding re-entry back into the United States. DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC cannot be held liable for a TRAVELER who is refused service by any air carrier or entry into any country because of a restricted visa or passport or denial of a visa by any country’s consular services. In the event the TRAVELER is refused entry to the country of travel because of visa or passport issues or denial of a visa, applicable cancellation penalties apply.

TRAVELER is responsible for having on his or her person proper documentation to enter each country of travel as applicable as well as to re-enter the United States, and proper documentation to travel via a third country (if applicable).

We make every effort to operate the TOUR as outlined in the itinerary pages. However, circumstances beyond our control may require an adjustment to the TOUR or its inclusions. We strive to avoid such changes but must reserve the right to make such modifications when necessary. Every attempt will be made to replace such changes or cancellations of tour components with a comparable substitution. If a TRAVELER cancels his or her participation in the TOUR because of a TOUR change, normal cancellation penalties will apply.

We reserve the right to substitute hotels if necessary.

TRAVELER or AGENCY must report any disability requiring special attention at the time a reservation is requested. DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC will make reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of such TRAVELERS, but does not guarantee this, and is not responsible for any denial of services by airline carriers, hotels, transportation agencies, and other independent suppliers. DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC regrets that it cannot provide individual assistance to a TRAVELER for walking, dining, getting on and off motor coaches, ships and other transportation vehicles, or assist with other personal needs. TRAVELERS who need such assistance must be accompanied by a qualified companion who is also a TRAVELER on the TOUR. Countries outside the US can sometimes be difficult to maneuver for persons with disabilities.

It is the responsibility of each TRAVELER to become informed about the most current travel advisories and warnings by referring to the U. S. State Department’s travel website at travel.state.gov or by calling (888) 407-4747. In the event of an active State Department Travel Warning against travel to the specific destination location(s), should a TRAVELER still choose to travel such TRAVELER assumes all risk of personal injury, death or property damage that may arise out of the events like those advised or warned against.

DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC, its employees, shareholders, directors, successors, agents and assignees, does not own or operate any entity which provides goods or services to the TRAVELER. DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC purchases transportation (by coach, train, vessel or otherwise), hotel and other lodging accommodations, restaurant, ground handling and other services from various independent suppliers. All such persons and entities are independent contractors. As a result, DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC is not liable for any negligent or willful act of any such person or entity or of any third person. In addition and without limitation, DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC is not responsible for any injury, financial or physical loss, death, inconvenience, delay or damage to personal property in connection with the provision of any goods or services whether resulting from but not limited to acts of God or force majeure, illness, disease, acts of war, civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, animals, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, overbooking or downgrading of services, food poisoning, mechanical or other failure of aircraft or other means of transportation or for failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time. There are many inherent risks while traveling, which can lead to illness, injury, or even death. These risks are increased by the fact that these trips may take place in remote locations, far from medical facilities. Guest assumes all such risks associated with participating in these trips. DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC had made passenger aware of the importance of travel insurance and the conditions that apply to tickets. DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC will not be responsible for any expense incurred as a result of refusal to purchase travel insurance.

TRAVELER may incur additional expenese whilst traveling that are not included in the package price, including but not limited to the following:​

Tipping & Porterage: package price does not include porterage at airport & hotels; tips to the local representative, sightseeing guides, restaurant employees, hotel bellman & chambermaids; wines, liquors, laundry, or any other items of a personal nature as well an any items not specifically mentioned within the itinerary. Tipping is left to your TRAVELER’S discretion.
Car, Moped or Scooter Rental: Rentals rates for packages that include a car do not include gasoline, taxes, optional insurance, CDW, underage and additional driver charges or airport charges. These charges are payable to the rental company directly.
Local Taxes & Service Charges: Local room tax, energy surcharges and service charges on room and meals are not included unless specified. Taxes and service charges are based on the hotel’s daily room tariff and not on the land package price. Local governments may impose additional taxes including but not limited to departure taxes which may not be included in the package price.

DREAMMAKERS BY CUTY & VERONICA LLC recommends that you purchase a travel protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. Travel protection plans can include coverage for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Trip Delay, Baggage Delay and more.

For your convenience, we offer travel protection through Travelex Insurance Services. For more information on the available plans or to enroll, visit our Travel Insurance Page.

The product descriptions provided here are only brief summaries. The full coverage terms and details, including limitations and exclusions, are contained in the insurance policy. Travelex Insurance Services, Inc CA Agency License #0D10209. All products listed are underwritten by, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, NAIC #22276. 11.17 83I

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